Santhome Public School

Welcome to the hub of knowledge

Santhome P.U College has set effective educational interventions to focus on the younger generation. The students here are the privileged class who go through accomplished training in interdisciplinary skills in all areas of academia.

Each student grows and transforms him/ herself to make life meaningful and livable Each programme here his comprehensive to provide with sufficient inputs and training in relevant skills sets to succeed in the Pre-University education. Apart from providing core inputs corresponding to the specific program, the students (collegiates) are also exposed to the inter disciplinary areas. Added to this, students are trained for competitive exams, and to increase their competence in communication skills, reasoning skills, critical, creative thinking capabilities and a capacity to drive for continuous self learning towards individual development. It caters to various professional skills, promote value promoted life style, develop and enhance the potential of the students and ingrain in them the ideals of social equality, service, discipline and respect.

The college is dedicated to provide quality education in excellent academic environment. A belief in value based learning has ensured a special relationship and faculty, easy accessibility of guidance and support in a student friendly environment leads to the attachment of desired goals. Santhome shall ever remain uncompromised with quality.

  • Our Vision

    Enriching young minds, Expanding horizons.

  • Our Mission

    Creation of a harmonious society through the transformation of individuals by imparting value and quality education.